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Sarah Louisa Brown


Why do you like photography?

I love photography because it allows a person to capture moments that they can revisit at any time in the future. I especially love film photography because when you get your film developed it feels like Christmas morning, opening up presents, you never know what you're going to get, if anything at all!

What made you want to be a part of the PA community?

I joined PA when I moved to Sydney to meet new people and explore the city. I also wanted to meet people who were interested in film photography, because there wasn't a film photography community where I came from in New Zealand.

Which theme did you choose and what was your thought process behind the images?

The theme I chose was nature. I usually take photos when I'm out walking around the neighbourhood or in a new area, and especially during lockdown, I took my camera out to make my walks more exciting! I also brought some nature into my room to brighten up my day, and the lighting was too good to not photograph.

Any advice to those who want to join the group?

My advice to anyone who wants to join PA is to just do it! Everyone is really nice and approachable; we all just really love photography and want to spread the love!

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