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JM Ibanez


Why do you like photography?

Photography is my main creative outlet outside of work. Although it's a hobby for me, it's a very serious hobby. I find interest in all the technical minutiae of it -- from figuring out exposure, to film stocks. What I find stimulating about it most of all though is trying to capture my everyday experiences in a manner that pleases the eye.

What made you want to be a part of the PA community?

Photography is oftentimes a solitary hobby, I think, and having a community that you can draw inspiration from and camaraderie with is always a delight.

Which theme did you choose and what was your thought process behind the images?

Since I prefer to shoot in black and white, I thought it best to use that to explore shape as a literal framing device: to use space to form shapes that put a subject in frame.

Any advice to those who haven't joined a walk yet? What to expect?

Relax and enjoy! There's no pressure to shoot, and you don't need a fancy camera to join. Expect good company and friendly people.

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