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Jase De Freitas

Why do you like photography?

Photography allows me to find a perfect balance between the technical and creative side of my brain. As an incredibly introverted person, photography is a much needed outlet. I experience a drive to work on photography projects in a way I haven’t experienced with other things so recently I decided to lean into and see where it takes me.

What encouraged you to be a part of the PA community?

I had been making friends online through photography for a while so it was just natural to find some like minded people out in the wild. PA Sydney is a very laid back group where photography is really just a mutual excuse to hang out and end up at a pub. It’s very easy to fit in and always a good time.

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Which theme did you choose and why? What was your thought process behind the images?

I chose shape for my theme as it gave me a chance to take some photos of a weird obsession I’ve had lately. I really like glass block windows and I try to find them in buildings wherever I go. Looking out for relatively mundane architectural shapes and features really does make you look at your surroundings from a new perspective.

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Any advice to those who haven't joined a walk yet? What to expect?

I have social anxiety but I’ve found this group super easy to get comfortable with. If joining a new group is difficult for you I think you’ll be fine, no matter whether you’re new to photography or not!

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