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Jackie Yacoub


Why do you like photography?

As I was growing up, I always found myself falling into creative habits. I was gifted my first camera in year 10, a little green credit-card-sized one, that I took with me absolutely everywhere! From there, I became more and more fascinated with photography, choosing the subject in uni, completing a short course in it, and eventually exploring the world of film photography through Polaroid.

What made you want to be a part of the PA community?

More like..."Why did I create the PA community?" HAHA. I moved from Melbourne in early 2017, which has a HUGE cult following for film, and Sydney's was lacking. I wanted to explore Sydney and NSW, and make new friends! Photography is such an isolating hobby as you don't really need to involve others when taking your shots, particularly street photography, so I began recruiting like-minded individuals. Our group now has over 1.5K followers on Instagram & Facebook combined, and still growing!

Which theme did you choose and what was your thought process behind the images?

I decided to go through my archives and source a series of images I have yet to show anyone before. I guess they'd fit into the theme of "colour". Before Agfa Vista was discontinued, it was my favourite film stock to shoot on. I also LOVE taking photos of abandoned trolleys and rubbish bins. I came up with a neat idea to use one roll in my Kodak S-Series point and shoot, and capture as many abandoned trolleys I found, wherever I went. Some were near train stations, others meters away from a trolley bay. Most were overturned, or full of rubbish.

Any advice to those who haven't joined a walk yet? What to expect?

Ummm, it's my group and I'm freaking awesome, and if you haven't joined us on a walk by now, you've missed out on A LOT of great times and beautiful locations. HAHA well, that's the type of humour you'll get from me PLUS more...We are a really happy bunch of camera nerds who love to chat and hang out together. Every individual is different, and we fully embrace all walks of life.

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