Daniel Lavin


Why do you like photography?

To me, photography is like a treasure hunt. It keeps me keen, always looking for the next clue! My passion for the art really took off after I decided to stop taking photos professionally. Stay amateur, have fun and take photos of the people and places that mean the most for you.

What encouraged you to be a part of the PA community?

It is so welcoming to all forms of life, whether you are a beginner, a professional, a phonographer or a gear head. Everyone is heard and appreciated.

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Which theme did you choose and why? What was your thought process behind the images?

Nature: I picked nature as my photographic theme for this article as it is a consistant motif in regards to both my landscape, and doccumentary photography. Featuring today is an excerpt from my work in progress titled "The Excitement of a Traveler, the Mindfulness of a Homebody".

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Any advice to those who haven't joined a walk yet? What to expect?

The opportunity to discuss photography with likeminded people has really changed how I approach my own work. Be ready to make friends for life!

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