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Cameron Wilson


Why do you like photography?

I'd never been able to put a paint brush to canvas, which led me down the road of photography becoming my hobby. I couldn’t imagine myself being able to do it professionally and continue to do photography creatively in my spare time.

What drives me to keep shooting is the continuous learning process and the ever evolving interest in different subject matter. You can either play by the rules, but then again rules are meant to be broken, and there is nothing wrong with that either.

What encouraged you to be a part of the PA community?

The PA community is made up of wonderful people from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests, which is awesome to draw inspiration from. To be honest, it’s also great to be able to hang out with like-minded people and geek out about cameras and photography in general.

Which theme did you choose and why? What was your thought process behind the images?

I chose the theme ’Shape’. For my subject matter, I focused on tower-like structures which I've encountered across Sydney. I have always been quite curious of these buildings; they all serve a function in that they supply water, direct air traffic or provide weather data. At the same time they don’t always blend into the landscape. They often have an unusual shape or form that stands out from its surroundings.

Any advice to those who haven't joined a walk yet? What to expect?

If you have been contemplating coming along, no need to be shy. I have been coming along to events for about 2 and a half years now. You are guaranteed to meet a great bunch of friendly, chilled out, and non-judgemental people. Everyone is welcome at PA Sydney no matter what you like to shoot, or what camera you like to shoot with.

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