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Cal Grant

Why do you like photography?

Photography is an outlet for me to express myself in a way that I can’t achieve with any of my other hobbies. Photography brings me peace (and occasionally frustration), but I love it for all the opportunities it has given me and the memories it has helped me preserve.

What encouraged you to be a part of the PA community?

Being relatively new to Sydney, and not knowing many people here, I searched for a way to meet like-minded people. When I eventually came across the Photographers Anonymous Instagram page, It was obvious how much fun everyone was having. From then, the decision to join was an easy one.

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Which theme did you choose and why? What was your thought process behind the images?

I grew up in Tasmania surrounded by abundant natural beauty. Having lived in Sydney for only a few short years, I can now see how my photographic style has been shaped by the city. I chose nature as my theme as a way to apply what I’ve learned shooting shapes and shadows to something that I miss dearly, yet feel so out of my depth photographing.

Any advice to those who haven't joined a walk yet? What to expect?

It’s really simple. Come along to a meet-up and you won’t be a stranger for long. You’ll meet a group of easy-going, supportive people who’ll make you feel at home in an instant.

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